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The relationship between Mia & Sam as well as their wedding celebration are the living proof that True Love knows no limits. Sam is Australian, while Mia is coming from the distant Sweden. Their wedding took place last month in an intimate villa on the Sanur Beach called ‘Cinta’ (which in Indonesian language stands for LOVE).

It was planned/supposed to to be an outdoor wedding ceremony. However, the weather wasn’t really cooperative on the day. Dark heavy clouds were covering the sky above the Sanur bay and during the preparations the whole setup with chairs and tables was soaking wet due to the heavy rain. The bride was normally a bit anxious at first. She hoped that the annoying storm would go away, but it simply wasn’t happening.

The word ‘failure’ was floating in the air. No blue skies, no bright and vivid colours typical of this tropical paradise! The day looked more like a gloomy, depressive day somewhere in Scandinavia. However, it was amazing how everyone (couple, bridal party, all vendors) adapted so well to these unwanted conditions, as none of us really wanted to let the bad weather spoil the usual Bali fun!

The ceremony then moved to an indoor area, and for the beach and outdoor shots we simply used available umbrellas to make sure  our gear doesn’t get wet. After awhile, nobody was feeling bothered with the rain anymore. It actually made the whole event and the pictures we made more unique!

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Photos: Tino, Dimas, Rio

Video: Sulak

Wedding organizer: StarAsia Connect

Many Thanks!


Frangipani (also called Plumeria) is one of the most popular tropical flowers in Bali. It is often used in religious events and ceremonies, as a symbol of fertility and natural beauty.

There is a gorgeous villa not far from the Pandawa Beach called Villa Frangipani. That is the place where Ashley, Canadian beauty born in Indonesia and handsome Italian guy Federico exchanged their wows on a bright sunny day in March, 2018.

Photographers: Tino, Dimas, Fery

Venue: Villa Frangipani, Bali

MUA: Eka

Wedding Planner: Bali Rose Gold Weddings

Photo editing: Tino

copyright EYECON Photography Bali 2018.



We made an adventurous boat trip to Nusa Lembongan to spend and shoot some intimate moments with Natalie and Adam in Villa Tanjung and around this beautiful island.

Photographers: Tino, Kris, Reza

Venue: Villa Tanjung, Nusa Lembongan

MUA: Glo Day Spa

Wedding Planner: Plan A

Photo editing: Tino

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