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Since I was a child, I have always been inspired by fantasy art (movies, novels, comics), mysteries and myths.  So this Halloween, I had an idea to engage my own family (wife and two kids) and create a thematic photo shoot.

It was done spontaneously, without much preparation or planning. We invited our friend, amazing Balinese make up artist Savitri to join and asked another friend (Panda) if she would like to act as one of the models.

We quickly picked the location (a spooky abandoned crocodile park in Sanur), arrived and spent some 45 minutes there before it want too dark. I only used one lens – 35 mm Sigma Art.

And that was it!

I am going to post the full set of images to my new personal blog (under construction).

Meanwhile, enjoy this short slideshow.

If you would like us to create some conceptual, cool (family, kids, prewedding, wedding, fashion) images of yourself and your dear ones, don’t be shy!

Contact us, and yes, have a fun, scary Halloween!



Make up by Mochi Savitri

Models/talents: Dewi, Panda, Mikhaela, Leonardo

Photos, text and digital imaging by Tino

Music: Metallica, Until It Sleeps

Visiting the Tirtha Empul temple with Croatian Yoga teacher Iva Solarević.  I am always amazed with variety of faces and events going on here. Such an inspiring place!

Photos and image editing: Tino

solar-spirit 01solar-spirit 02solar-spirit 03solar-spirit 04solar-spirit 05solar-spirit 06solar-spirit 07solar-spirit 08solar-spirit 09solar-spirit 10solar-spirit 11solar-spirit 12solar-spirit 13solar-spirit 14solar-spirit 15solar-spirit 16



Banyu Pinaruh is balinese procession whose aim is to clean the body and soul from the bad influences.
Banyu PInaruh is one day after Saraswati day. Saraswati (Sanskrit: सरस्वती, Sarasvatī) is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and learning.

Photos: Tino


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