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Jogjakarta Bohemian Wedding | Angie and Neil

Photographers: Tino and Dimas

Text and photo editing: Tino

I met Angie through our mutual friend Liz couple of years ago, when my friend Livio and I shot her vintage themed birthday party at Potato Head in Bali.

So when she sent me a WhatsApp message announcing that her and Neil were going to get married in Yogyakarta
and that they’d like us to fly there and shoot the event, I was more than thrilled!

FIrst of all, I always liked ‘Jogja’ and its friendly people –
it has a special place in my memories, as one of the cities with the best overall vibe in whole Indonesia!

Jogja is a mesmerizing experience: it is spiritual and gentle, artistic and royal at the same time.
It carries the scents of ancient Buddhist and Hindu kingdoms that used to rule these tropical islands.

And it has affordable accommodation, and great, both indonesian and western food, too!

Besides, Angie told me their ceremony site would be the cliff right above the place where two mythical
rivers Elo and Progo meet, where Neil initially proposed her, and the reception would take place in a
vintage styled Plataran Hotel viewing the Borobudur temple.

I knew that this was goiing to be something ‘different’!

I have always been attracted to ancient cultures, their spirituality and mystics,
from old european castles and churches to Zen Buddhism and Indian Tantra.

What always amazed me was these people’s deep connection with Mother Nature,
one that is almost forgotten or extinguished from our modern, ‘busy’ and technology oriented
‘life styles’.

Return to this state of Being is a Return to Simplicity and Innocence,
that represents the root of all our stories.

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